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It’s Spring!

25 March 2013

… well, almost. I’m sitting in the Five Leaves office trying to decide whether the window should be open (letting the biting wind blow snow through the gap) or closed (turning the place into a sauna).

Beeston Poets 2013 Spring SeasonBut that’s beside the point. I’m feeling very bouncy today. I’ve just updated our website with news about our Spring Season, which includes:

  • four Yorkshire poets – Ian Parks, Elizabeth Barrett, Steve Ely and Becky Cherriman – in Versions of the North
  • two poets from further Up North – Char March and Valerie Laws – as Ophelia’s Sistas
  • one poet from Norfolk – Martin Figura – with his multimedia performance of Whistle

I’ve also dipped my toe into the waters of online selling by setting up a BigCartel shop for Beeston Poets which allows you to buy your tickets via the internet using PayPal – you don’t have to be a PayPal user, you can use credit or debit cards. The drawback to this is that we’d have to pay lots of money to offer more than five products, so at the moment you can only buy tickets for Versions of the North (full price and concession) or season tickets (also full price and concession) online. But I will update the shop on April 27th, once Versions of the North has happened, to make tickets for Ophelia’s Sistas and Whistle available. In the meantime, why not consider buying a season ticket? All three events promise to be Rather Good.

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