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Ophelia’s Sistas – some poems

20 May 2013

Here’s a little something to whet your appetite for Friday’s performance…

Ridge Walking

Char March

is my life
out here
on this edge.

Windy here
—a narrow ridge.
Often I am scared,
have to squeeze my eyes shut,
hug myself to the rock,
crawl along on all fours
mumbling mantras.

But sometimes
I dance the thin line,
whirling in the sun,
shouting in an arms-up,
head-back laugh.

Is my life out here.
A slim chance
with steep drops on either side,
but the views
Are bloody marvellous.


Valerie Laws

After he dumped me,
I felt a little flat. My life
Needed perking up,
So in search of something
Uplifting I turned to
I let Wonderbra handle everything,
Relaxed into its cupped hands,
Let it brace me up while
It carried my troubles for me.
It was fantastic. Suddenly
I was transformed, I had
Direction, Wonderbra pointed
The way. With its firm support,
I began to venture out. I followed
As Wonderbra led the way
Into every party. The trouble was,
I sometimes felt Wonderbra
Collected all the admiring glances,
The accidental arm-brushings,
While I stood behind. I felt
Unworthy to be with Wonderbra.
Then one night, a man
Sought me out, chatted, invited,
Seduced me back to his place.
Deftly, he removed my Wonderbra;
Left me drooping, and vanished
With it into the bedroom,
My false, deceiving Wonderbra:

I’m glad I’ve got it off my chest.

And… some animated poetry of pathology from Valerie Laws:

Watch this fullscreen at 1080pHD to get the full effect.

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