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The third and final reading of the present series:  

John Gallas, Maria Taylor and Roy Marshall

are a trio of poets travelling over the Leicestershire border.
Friday 29th November, 7.30pm, Beeston Library, Foster Avenue, NG9 1AE
Tickets, £5, are available via the online shop, from Beeston Library and on the door.

JJohn Gallasohn Gallas was born in 1950 in Wellington, New Zealand. He came to England in 1971 to study Old Icelandic at Oxford, and stayed. He has worked for many years as a teacher with the Leicestershire Behaviour Support Team. He has published seven collections of poetry with Carcanet Press and edited the anthology of world poetry The Song Atlas (2002). John also swims like a fish, cycles like a windmill.

Maria TaylorMaria_Taylor

In her debut collection, Melanchrini, Maria Taylor’s distinctive poetry slips fluently amidst the worlds and underworlds of classical mythology and modernity; between her own Greek Cypriot heritage and British urban upbringing; among betting shops, schools, bar-rooms and hospitals.

Lively and ebullient, from moments of quirky humour to poignancy, these poems demonstrate a poet who isn’t afraid to leap into the heart of circumstance and treasure what she finds there. Melanchrini finds personal histories at the kitchen table, tears in the soapsuds, and a moment’s sensuality in the midst of a city market. Maria Taylor’s poems are deceptively plucky; as entertaining as they are inventive and quietly determined. Nine Arches website

roy-photo-docxRoy Marshall’s pamphlet, Gopagilla, was published by Crystal Clear Creators in 2012 and a full collection, The Sun Bathers, is due out from Shoestring Press in November. We’ll be hearing it ‘hot off’, if you see what we mean.

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